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If you have a blender and five minutes then you have time for breakfast. I normally eat cerealĀ for breakfast, but variety keeps life interesting. This smoothie is super simple. It has just 3 ingredients and can be ready in 5 minutes. I used Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt because it has a lot more protein which keeps you feeling full (that’s a good thing).

Raspberry Smoothie


  1. In a blender, combine the above ingredients until smooth.

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  1. You know I like this shot…however the fruit would still not be consumed by me at this point in time.

  2. Great breakfast treat!

  3. cca

    This looks so fresh and amazing! What a perfect way to start the day! (And the perfect cup to make a Raspberry Orange Pomegranate Smoothie in)!

  4. Delicious recipe. I have been making home-made smoothies for years and this Raspberry and Pomegranate Greek style yoghurt works perfectly together.

  5. cca

    i linked to this post today! yum!

  6. Paula

    why do you not list nutritional information?

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