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This is it people.

For years, I’ve been eating what I thought was “hummus”. Clearly I was mistaken. I’m not exactly sure what I was eating before, but I am sure that this is hummus. When you know, you know.

My quest for the perfect hummus recipe started as I became increasingly dissatisfied with the ever widening gap between the pasty store bought hummus I was eating on a weekly basis and the silky smooth restaurant style hummus I eat on occasion. You know the kind…super light in color, delightfully creamy and garlicky. I eventually foundĀ this post by a food blogger from D.C. She went on a trip to Israel and posted a photo from a restaurant in Jerusalem where she had the best hummus she has ever eaten! This post inspired me to do some investigation. I was determined to find out exactly how to make this kind of hummus…the kind Jesus ate in the very same city 2000 years ago!

Here is what I found…

3 Tips For Making The Best Hummus You’ve Ever Eaten

  1. Use dried beans vs canned. Sure it takes longer, but it will make a huge difference in texture, consistency, and flavor…plus it costs less!
  2. Baking soda. Using baking soda during the soaking process helps to breakdown the “skin” on the outside of the chickpeas (garbanzo beans). Baking soda creates an alkaline environment that allows for water to soak the beans more thoroughly. This will improve the consistency and give a silkier texture to the final product.
  3. Use high quality ingredients. In order to maximize flavor with so few ingredients, use the highest quality ingredients you can find. (i.e. extra virgin olive oil vs olive oil, fresh garlic vs powder or jarred, fresh lemon juice vs bottled, sea salt vs table salt).

*Note: There are some folks who say that removing all of the individual “skins” to the chickpeas makes for an even smoother hummus. I have not tried this yet…mostly because of the super-human patience that requires.


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