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Winter can be a long and boring season for many kids (and parents) if you don’t find things to keep you busy and active. For this reason, I created a list of 10 fun things to do with kids during the winter. Check it out!

Winter Fun With Kids

10 Fun Things To Do With Kids During Winter

1. Ice skating

I love winter sports and not just because I was a figure skater for many years. Snowboarding, skiing (downhill or x-country), hockey, snow-shoeing, etc. are excellent winter sports, but unfortunately, these sports can be expensive and require a lot of special equipment. Thankfully ice skating can be both fun and cheap. Many local rinks offer a free skate during the winter and the only thing you need to purchase is a skate rental (unless you have your own). Check in your area for local ice rinks.

2. Indoor swimming

What is the first thing most kids (and adults) want to do when they go to a hotel? That’s right! Check out the pool and go for a swim! Swimming indoors when there is snow on the ground for some reason is even more fun than swimming during other seasons. Check out a local YMCA for open swim times or look for a cheap rate on a hotel and spend the night on a mini-vacation.

3. Build something

Blocks, Legos, Lincoln Logs, it doesn’t really matter….kids love to build things! My brother and I used to stay busy for hours, days, weeks, building with Legos. The year we got the Lego pirate ship was probably one of the best years of my life.

4. Play a game

You know what they say, you’re never too young to learn to play poker (or Go-fish, Old Maid, Speed, Kings in the Corner, etc.) Side note – my brother and I almost got attacked by an angry mob of senior citizens at a retirement home in south Florida when we won $12 on a game of bingo. True story.

5. Cook something delicious

You don’t need a special reason to cook a meal for someone you love….but if you want such a reason, winter will do. Winter is a great time to share a delicious meal with family and friends!

6. Clean something

While cleaning may seem the opposite of fun for most children, I happen to know some children who can spend copious amounts of time cleaning, organizing, sorting, etc. I understand these children well because I was one of them. Frightening as that may seem, winter can be a great time to ask your kids to clean out their closet or under their beds.

7. Create a scrapbook/photobook

A few years ago I found boxes of old photos from the early 1900′s-1950′s in my grandparents’ basement. I have been meaning to sort through them and either frame them or create some sort of scrapbook with them. What better time to do this than on a snowy winter day? Another fun thing you can do with your kids is to research your family tree. Check out

8. Play with stuffed animals

Well, I have already revealed to you that I was obsessively clean as a child so why not also inform you that I had well over a dozen stuffed animals (each with it’s own name). I had so much fun playing with my stuffed animals and it was exponentially more fun when my mom or dad (or brother) would play stuffed animals with me! Kids love when you make believe with them.

9. Do an art project

Kids enjoy art projects whether it’s painting, drawing, coloring, knitting, etc. Check around the house for random objects that you could use for your art project. Another side note – when I was 6 years old I tried to make a sock puppet. I saw Mr. Rogers make one on his show. As I was cutting the eye holes for the sock puppet, I sliced off a huge chunk of skin on my knuckle. My dad then proceeded to made me a splint out of a popsicle stick. Moral of the story – always provide adult supervision when using sharp objects. Also, never attempt to make a sock puppet. Who wants a puppet made from an old sock, anyway?

10. Bake a special treat for family and friends

I’m not a huge fan of the kids + sugar combination, but every now and then you need a special treat. “Give your system a good jolt” as my friend Sue would say.

What do you like to do during the winter?

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  1. great suggestions pal! you will need to put some of these to use next winter with little reed, auntie corrine!

  2. Great ideas – I always forget about taking the kids to the Y to swim, but you are right, they would LOVE it!!!

  3. How about taking kids to the Ocean Club roller skating rink in Narragansett? It’s fun! Or, with this mild winter, go for a walk along the beach and look for shells…great place to take the dog to also.

  4. 2 words… sea glass. find it. go.

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