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Do you have this strainer at home?

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  1. Of course! Have had it and used it for more than 30 years. Greatest for small jobs in the kitchen and looks exactly the same!

  2. Sharon Spicker

    I have two of these, a large and a small. Best pieces of Tupperware ever! I use one or the other almost daily.

  3. I agree….these little strainers have really served us well for decades. Oh, to have been a Tupperware salesperson in the 70s. What an excellent career choice during that time.

  4. Stacey

    yes, my mother and my grandmother both have this very strainer..and Corrine, I agree..we clearly were born too late to enjoy the successes of being the Tupperware lady….

  5. Hey Stacey! I’m beginning to think that perhaps we should reconsider our career choices and begin selling yellow Tupperware strainers from the trunks of our cars. What do ya say? There’s a whole new generation of young people just learning how to cook and I don’t foresee our mothers and grandmothers surrendering those strainers anytime soon. This could be big! :)

  6. My former roommate used one of these cute strainers. I didn’t realize it was so legendary, and I love it.

  7. Jean

    Yes, I have it. I thought, wow, this young, hip woman has the same strainer I have…but wait how could she, I got it from Tupperware 25 years ago! hahaha

  8. Yes! And now I have it, haha.

  9. Jenny T

    Wow, i guess i’m not as weird as I thought to keep this around, it was actually my mom’s about 25 years ago and i’m using it now, i just can’t seem to bring myself to chunk it.

  10. Claudia

    yes! my mom had one and last week i saw it at a estate sale & decided it was time for me to get one of my own :]

  11. Jean

    Still going strong after 36 years, and show no signs of failing! I agree, best
    piece of Tupperware I have ever owned.

  12. Hahaha my parents still own 2 of those strainers!

  13. Emma

    Yes, I have one just like that and use it daily!

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