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I can’t go all day without eating a snack. It just doesn’t work for me. On the days that I skip snacks, I end up wanting to kick something or let the air out of someone’s tires. Don’t worry, that has never happened….mainly for two reasons. 1. Jesus. 2. I try to keep small snacks within my reach at all times.

Snacks are important and should be eaten throughout the day. One of the main reasons to small meals/snacks is to prevent over-eating later in the day. Snack foods do not always need to come from packages.  A healthy snack should include a fruit or vegetable, some protein, and/or a whole grain. I have made a list of my favorite 7 simple snacks. Take a look…

Simple Snacks

  1. Blueberry Greek yogurt with fresh berries, 1/4 cup of Grape Nuts cereal, and a drizzle of honey.
  2. Hummus with fresh veggies and whole grain crackers.
  3. Ryvita or another whole grain cracker with a thin layer of reduced or low-fat cream cheese and sliced green olives.
  4. A small bowl of vegetable and bean soup with whole grain crackers.
  5. A Gnu bar to consider. A few weeks ago I wrote a post on snack bars. In that post I mentioned that most snack bars are complete trash. While that is largely true, I was recently introduced to Gnu bars. Gnu bars are high fiber snack bars made with all natural ingredients – no junk. I can actually pronounce all of the ingredients…and I even know where most of them come from. They are quite tasty as well and most are under 150 calories per bar. Check them out!
  6. A classic: cheesestick, apple, pretzels, and cashews.
  7. Brown rice cakes with freshly ground honey roasted peanut butter and sliced kumquats.

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  1. Tina S

    Apple slices dipped in peanut butter….yummy!

  2. Your list is inspiring for eating better – and everything is tasty too! I’m too ashamed to share what I snack on :(

  3. shawnna

    FWIW: I too used to think those things in number 3 were crackers, but it’s actually a “hard bread” according to Swedes. When I asked what the heck the difference is between a hard bread and a cracker, the Swede said, “well, it’s simple really: one is like a hard bread, and the other is like a cracker.” Oh, and thanks for the snack inspiration. I snack all day instead of eating meals and have been in a rut without realizing it.

  4. Jill

    Whole grain crackers with reduced fat cream cheese and a thin slice of smoked salmon!

    Apple slices (or any other fruit) with almond butter!

  5. Oh man. Rice cakes with peanut butter. Heavenly.

  6. Jessica

    almonds or some homemade granola

  7. Nicolle

    My all time favorite snack is a whole grain cracker with cheese…it never gets old for me!

  8. I agree, most bars are junk-I will have to look for those.
    I like to snack on yogurt, we make our own, with fruit. Apple slices with natural nut butter, cottage cheese/fruit, hummus/veggies, homemade granola/yogurt.
    Here is our recipe for homemade yogurt:

    It saves us lots of money and it is so good. I use a Greek starter so it is nice and thick.

  9. Snacks? Hmmmm. I try not to but sometimes I try not to keep te carbs in the house. I eat a piece of fruit or pretzels. I like snacking on hummus too! Yum!

  10. Rice cakes, fruit & nut bars, and raw veggies make up a lot of the snacks we eat around here. So glad I’m not the only one with grumpy tendencies when I don’t get a snack. ;-)

  11. These all look mighty tasty, esp. for the grown-ups. My obsession with snacks (good and bad) has lead me to create a blog all about the snacks I feed myself and my children:

  12. x

    i love apples & sliced almonds drizzled in honey.
    also red pears in honey.

    also adore lara bars!!

  13. I make a soup so similar to this one, and I also make wasa crackers with cream cheese and olives. Oh, and I also get really grumpy and think about letting the air out of people’s tires (vendetta!), but I haven’t ever done it either-that would be too mean. Anyhow, your food looks really wonderful!

  14. Cassidy

    It all looks so good! All the comments are making me quite hungry though!

  15. Great ideas and all fruit or veggies, works for me. I make a big bowl of our Real Men Cook Collard Green Salad, which is quite healthy, easy to make and low calorie, and get those greens in. It travels well and you can switch or mix in Kale greens too. This is a great time to throw in some fresh beets too. Recipe is on our Real Men Cook website. Let’s talk about some link exchanges.

  16. Corrine your site is flipping amazing…. the photos are mouthwatering and the ideas are inspiring!

  17. Thanks Colin! We are looking forward to seeing you next week :) Congratulations on your graduation too!

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