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A few weeks ago I received a pretty sweet going away gift from my friends Diane, Liz, and Sara at CHB….a smoothie maker! This blender/smoothie maker is much smaller, more efficient, and easier to clean than my other blender and I am very thankful for it! Thanks guys!

PS…this smoothie was even tastier because it has freshly picked blueberries and blackberries! Yum.

Blackberry Smoothie


  1. Place all ingredients into a blender or smoothie maker (starting with the liquid) and blend on med/high until fully smooth (about 3 minutes)

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  1. berries and greek yoghurt – YUM! these look divine.

  2. I came across your smoothies on Foodgawker today and had to click over to your site. Lovely photos, lovely recipes. What’s not to enjoy about a smoothie made with fresh blackberries?? :) YUM.

  3. What a nice gift! Yummy recipes.

  4. Littles

    Hey, that’s the smoothie maker I bought recently :) . I would love to make ( or sample) these cereal bars, they sound delicious!!

  5. Liz, Sara and Diane

    Hi Corrine,

    We miss you a lot, Friday’s aren’t the same without you!! Glad that you are getting good use out of the smoothie maker. Hope all is well and to see you soon. :)

    <3 all of us here at CHB

  6. Sherisse

    Made these cereal bars last night and they are AWESOME. thanks!

  7. Emily

    Hi Corrine!

    I was just looking at your recipes and Kerri comes up behind me and says “what is that?! It looks delicious!” :) It certainly does. I will be trying these to replace the storebought bars he likes.

    Hope you are well!



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