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A couple of weeks ago we went to St. Augustine, Florida to visit with friends and become godparents to the most amazing little lady this side of the Mississippi – Mia. Mia is turning 3 years old this Friday! Happy Birthday Mia! From the moment we stepped off the plane Mia insisted that we make popsicles….strawberry popsicles. Popsicles seemed to be the theme for that trip.

We made the strawberry pops with Mia and we also got to visit a new fresh fruit popsicle shop in downtown St. Augustine on Hypolita Street called the Hyppo! Why there are not more popsicle shops in Florida I am not quite sure….but the idea is brilliant! I got the idea for the pineapple coconut cilantro popsicle recipe from this shop where I had a similar pop. Some of the other yummy flavors were Mexican hot chocolate, orange cream, cucumber lemon mint, datil strawberry, lavender lemonade…and many many more.

If you are in St. Augustine or within a 6-8 hour car ride, let me encourage you to make the trip….they’re that good!

Kevin and I loved those popsicles so much that we went back to that shop 2-3 times during our one week vacation in St. Augustine. Fresh fruit pops are not only extremely delicious, they are also extremely fun to make with kids, and an extremely healthy alternative to garbage pops that most kids binge on all summer long….like I did from ages 7-13.

Tip for parents: toss the pops that are loaded with added sugars, food dyes, and other junky ingredients and make some fresh fruit pops with your kids! So easy, so tasty, so cheap.


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