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A couple of weeks ago we went to St. Augustine, Florida to visit with friends and become godparents to the most amazing little lady this side of the Mississippi – Mia. Mia is turning 3 years old this Friday! Happy Birthday Mia! From the moment we stepped off the plane Mia insisted that we make popsicles….strawberry popsicles. Popsicles seemed to be the theme for that trip.

We made the strawberry pops with Mia and we also got to visit a new fresh fruit popsicle shop in downtown St. Augustine on Hypolita Street called the Hyppo! Why there are not more popsicle shops in Florida I am not quite sure….but the idea is brilliant! I got the idea for the pineapple coconut cilantro popsicle recipe from this shop where I had a similar pop. Some of the other yummy flavors were Mexican hot chocolate, orange cream, cucumber lemon mint, datil strawberry, lavender lemonade…and many many more.

If you are in St. Augustine or within a 6-8 hour car ride, let me encourage you to make the trip….they’re that good!

Kevin and I loved those popsicles so much that we went back to that shop 2-3 times during our one week vacation in St. Augustine. Fresh fruit pops are not only extremely delicious, they are also extremely fun to make with kids, and an extremely healthy alternative to garbage pops that most kids binge on all summer long….like I did from ages 7-13.

Tip for parents: toss the pops that are loaded with added sugars, food dyes, and other junky ingredients and make some fresh fruit pops with your kids! So easy, so tasty, so cheap.



  1. In a blender, combine all of the ingredients until smooth
  2. Pour mixture into a popsicle holder or use ice cube trays and insert popsicle sticks. Freeze for 8-12 hours and then enjoy!

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  1. tracy e.

    I want these!!!! I’m going to go out and buy popsicle molds this weekend!

  2. Hi Tracy! These pops are very refreshing and also taste good as a smoothie if you have some mix left over. The molds were only $3.99 from Target!

  3. What a small world! I live in Jacksonville which is just 30 minutes from St. Augustine and we LOVE hyppo pops! They just opened a cart in Jacksonville and I’m so glad! I love your blog! Organic eating is so important and finding blogs with convenient, easy to make healthy recipes is always a plus! :) Thanks!

  4. I agree – it totally seems that popsicles are the new cupcake. These look so refreshing! Definitely time to get a mold!

  5. It is decided; I am making these tonight! I think that I will use Silk’s Coconut Milk and pineapple juice in place of the coco/pineapple juice.

    Thanks for the idea!

  6. Christina Katopodis

    I have been to that place, and every time we go to St. Augustine we always go back. We LOVE it. The next time you’re there, you should check out a restaurant called The Tasting Room. They’ve got great wine, tapas, and live music.

  7. AMH

    Just found you site thru pintrest. These sound great and I will definately be giving them a try. I would love to know how to do a lavendar lemonade though but dont know where to begin searching for the lavendar flavoring to use. Any ideas?

  8. Dana

    Just had to leave a response…I followed a link through Pinterest that lead me to your blog since I saw Pineapple Cilantro popsicles. I am friends with the owner of The Hyppo, and knew that he sold this flavor, so it struck me as funny that there was a recipe posted for them, and then imagine my surprise to see that you got the inspiration from his shop! Anyways, so glad you enjoyed The Hyppo and our happy little town!

  9. Sarah

    What brand are your popsicle molds and and where did you get them? I have some but they are so hard to get the pop out of…need something way easier!

  10. Hi Sarah, I got these molds at Target and they work ok, but can be difficult to get out sometimes. If you run the bottom of the mold under warm water before trying to pop them out it may help. I’d like to get stainless steel molds….maybe online.

  11. candace

    These sound amazing. Looking for popsicle molds immediately!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  12. Marisella

    I found your website thru pinterest. I absolutely love The Hyppo. My fave was the Cantaloupe Blackpepper. I can’t wait to try your recipe. :)

  13. @ Marisella…thanks so much! Glad you found my website :) The Hyppo is amazing and so is St. Augustine. I’ve never tried the cantaloupe blackpepper…wow!

  14. Thanks so much! These look so refreshing! I can’t wait to try them with my kids. I’m going to share the link to these on my blog at!

  15. Amy

    I LOVE Hyppo’s. My parents live in St. Augustine and I made several trips to The Hyppo with my sister during our 4 day vacation there. Amazing! Can’t wait to try this recipe. Yum!

  16. Carly

    Yes! I found your site through Pinterest – the Quinoa Black Bean Lettuce Wraps – and found this picture in your index. I thought “Ooooohhhh! Just like at the Hyppo!” We’ve visited St.A a couple of times in the past several years and every time look forward to getting a unique popsicle. I had the pineapple cilantro this summer and fell in LOVE! THANK YOU so much for remaking this! :) I don’t care that it is currently November – this makes me want to make popsicles NOW!

  17. jo

    love the sound…love the look…and i don’t see the amounts of ingredients…and coconit milk or shredded coconut…how much of each ingredient, please…i want to make these tonight¡. thanks.

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