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Remember the 90′s when everyone was afraid of fat?¬†Fat phobia was rampant and no one dared to eat anything with more than 3 grams of fat for fear of public shaming. Avocados, guacamole, nuts, seeds and plant oils were pretty much off limits. Yeah, I’m glad that’s over.

With Memorial Day right around the corner it’s the perfect time to unofficially welcome summer by adding some heart healthy fat to your diet.¬†Guacamole is a great summer dip for tortilla chips or raw veggies, on a burrito, in a quesadilla or in a wrap and is a healthier alternative to other creamy dips like French onion, ranch or blue cheese because avocados are naturally high in heart healthy monounsaturated fats (lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and raise “good” HDL levels) and fiber. Can you believe that a medium size avocado has about 10 grams of fiber!?

The key to a mouthwatering guacamole is to make it from scratch using ONLY the freshest ingredients possible. Period. There is no need to add mayonnaise or sour cream to add flavor or creaminess. Let the avocados speak for themselves.

There are lots of great guacamole recipes out there but this is the one that I have come to love and use more than any other. Enjoy!



  1. Scoop out avocado and place into a medium size mixing bowl. Mash avocado with back side of a spoon.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and stir until well combined.
  3. Serve with tortilla chips or as a topping for chili, black bean soup, burritos, quesadillas, tacos, etc.

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  1. Littles, PB&J

    Mmmmmmmm! Avocado is so yum, especially in guacamole! We usually just use avocado, garlic, salt and pep, and lime. We’ll have to try this recipe!

  2. Ryan

    This recipe is great – super simple, only the essentials. I do about the same thing, but I toss my avocado with a tsp each of cumin, cayenne, and chili pepper when I do the initial toss with lime juice and salt to add a little spice, which I stole from an Alton Brown recipe. Worth a shot for a lil spice!

  3. @ Ryan…thanks for the tip! It’s such a great idea!

  4. Ann

    Thank you sooo much for your website. I am on Weight Watchers and I’m bored with the same old stuff. Your blog is great and I’ve shared it with my WW group on FB..We’ll be watching…


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